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Born and raised in Sicily, M.L. spent most of his early life inventing stories and believing he could live in them.

In high school, he spent way too much time watching B movies, playing video games, and reading everything he could get his hands on, provided it wasn’t recommended by any authority figure.

M.L. spent most of his college years and adult life writing in languages only machines can understand until he decided to put some of his stories on the page.

After a few years spent in Scotland, now M.L. lives in Seattle with his wife, his cat, and a large assortment of books. When not writing, he still enjoys playing video games and explaining board games’ rules to his friends.

M.L. also writes as Sebastiano Merlino.

A quirk story about me, because why not?

One day someone asked me to write a story. I don’t remember the day – I think it was at school – but I remember the story. It talked about another world and a knight receiving a message saying the princess he loved was in danger and needed a savior. But the princess was quietly living her life in her own castle. Everything was alright for the young lady till the day the knight crossed the door of her court. A spell on that door (who the hell would cast such a spell?) split the knight into two: a strong and evil black knight who will go and kidnap the princess, and a good powerless guy. The latter was instantly sent by the spell into a distant a different world – ours – forever thinking of his lost princess. End of story.

I decided it was too odd and wrote a story about a knight saving the princess from a dragon instead. It gained me a good grade.


You can reach me via e-mail at hello@mlblackbird.com. Alternatively, this is a list of all the socials you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.