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29 NOVEMBER 2017


The set of my goals for 2017 – writing goals and more. Am I going to complete my first draft? How? More on this in the content.

November is going away pretty fast and, in all honesty, I had a bit of a rough time towards the end of the month. This is why it is so important for me to set clear writing goals for December 2017.

Goal #1: 1000 words a day

Yeah… this is back!

I mostly succeeded at this for the whole of September and October. It even worked until mid-November. Then life kicked hard and in many nasty ways. Life or not, I shouldn’t ever go below this – so it is back.

Also, this might just be enough to complete my first draft of “Seven Kinds of Darkness” (currently at 80000 words) – and that is really exciting to me. As you know, I don’t edit on the go, so hopefully, before the end of the month, I will have a lot of words to cut out of my book!

Goal #2: complete the tools for writers

This is a surprise for everybody following this blog.

I am working on a set of tools to help writers be more productive in the phases before actually writing. I will offer those here as a token of appreciation to everybody subscribing to my blog/mailing list.

These will include material to improve character development, world-building, outlining, scene-building, etc…

Goal #3: there is no goal 3!

Yup! You got it right.

I don’t intend to have any other goal for this month – it will be hard enough to keep my word on those two considering a week of travelling for work, holidays, planes, etc…

We will have more coming with the new year!