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There are many things in life I am passionate about but none can compare with a good story. Since I was a kid I always loved reading stories out of books but I always found that to be only one way of consuming a story. I enjoyed movies since I can remember and similarly I have been an avid video-gamer (especially when the game had a vivid plot and solid characters to offer).
My mother is always happy to humiliate me in front of Zita or my friends with stories of me as a kid spending time sitting on the ground close to the empty sofa. According to her memories I used to tell myself stories for my own enjoyment. She also says that quite often I believed my own horror stories and ended up having nightmares forcing her to wake-up and come by my side – and, trust me, she is most definitely lying when she says that; I have been always as brave as a knight!
This category will contain reviews for books, comics, manga, anime, movies and games.
To be honest, I was quite doubtful on whether this was the right way of approaching it, but I think this improves the structure overall (I might create sub-categories if it gets too confusing but for now it seems pretty ok).
The reviews will be tagged appropriately to indicate what the review is about – this to facilitate whoever wants to concentrate on a single expression of the art of writing.

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Trigun – my review of the Anime

A review of the anime Trigun exploring the theme, setting, and characters. All going down into the details of how such an interesting anime makes us feel the emotions of its protagonists.