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I had many doubt on whether I wanted to add this section to blog or not. I am not a famous author – not even moderately popular. Despite this, I am dedicating a lot of my time studying creative writing and learning the tools and the habits of important authors.
I am also writing my novel right now and this is helping me seeing what is working and what is not.
This section is all about this: telling you what is currently working for me and what didn’t work and I have left back.
I also really like tech tools, so I am going to review here various of the tools I use to improve my productivity, time-management and even writing.
Consider this a section where I am showing you my shiny toolbox and where you can see which techniques I use when I write. How I structure my novels and what I use to do it. How I am learning the right way to build my characters and what pieces of technology help me doing it. And why not, how I try to make writing fit in the middle of the hundreds of other things life is made of.
I hope this section will be helpful for you and I hope also that I will be able to learn new stuff from your comments – I know many of you know the business of writing even more than I do and that is why I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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The best tools for writers

In this article, I describe some of the tools that I found more useful in improving the quality of my craft during my activity as a fictional author.