Category: On Marketing

Oh… marketing! Does anybody love it?
Well I do not hate it. I am actually often fascinated by it. The fact that some established techniques can change the way people approach to you and your product somehow fascinates me. It probably also tingles the engineer cord in my heart but that is a different matter.
I am lucky here because, in this time of social network, mailing lists and online reviews, having worked all my life in the software industry gives me sort of an edge but, to be completely honest with you, this is not rocket science.
In this section I will be sharing all the tools I use to increase the popularity of what I write. You think you can live without this as an author? Well, sorry, you can’t.
There is no book without audience and, if you have written something and you really love what you have done, you better put that book in the hand of some reader.
I’ll share with you here how I use Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc…) to grow a fanbase that keeps reading what I write. I’ll give you details of how the main advertising platforms work and how you should use them to grow your sales and expand your audience.
I hope this will be useful for you as it is being for me and, as always, I am waiting for your comments where I am sure I will learn from you as much as you are learning from me.