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My original stories, poetry and creations in general. All that I am currently working on or I have worked in the past (or at least I’ll try to post them here as soon as they are ready for publication). Beyond being an avid consumer of stories, I have spent and still spend a lot of my time writing some. I’ll try to be regular here but, quite often, I can dedicate less time than I’d like to this – yeah, work comes in the way but, well, one does need to eat, right?
I write about a lot of stuff, usually novels and especially fantasy, horror and sci-fi. At times though, I like to write poetry – it is going to be very hard for me to post any poetry though since I usually write it in Italian but still, who knows.
Jokes aside though, I hope you’ll enjoy this section. I’ll try to put here all the best I have stored aside and I’ll try to expand it as much as I can.
I have in the plan to write a couple of long novels and, for sure, the chapters of those will be posted here periodically. I’ll do similarly for the rest of my production – I am currently in the process of getting translated most of the short stories I wrote in Italian and I plan to keep writing them in English in the foreseeable future.
Ok, now for real, if I didn’t manage to scare you away, I stop boring the hell out of you and leave you alone reading.

State of the blackbird

State of the blackbird

A long due update on the state of the blog. Hopefully to be repeated at least once a year, it could be a new format – the state of the blackbird.

blog schedule header

The Blog Schedule

A short blog on a special Monday – I give you details of my schedule for the blog. You are finally going to know when I am going to post and what.