Category: Lists and Top10

Who of you guys is like me? Who of you would just spend the day scrolling across series of perfectly sorted numbered lists? Don’t you crave for such perfection.

Sorry, the engineer speaking again.

Ignoring my obsession with everything that is perfectly aligned and sorted (and acting as simple barbarians that don’t understand the absolute beauty of it), there is value in lists: they allow a poor blogger like me to express complex concepts in quite a simple way.

Anything that can be listed, ordered, piled in any way, will be listed here.

My top ten favorite stories of all time? Writing it.
The top five best protagonists according to me? Wait for it.
My favorite pizza styles? Wait what?
The best ovens to place in your kitchen? No, wait, this is a blog about writing not cooking.
Aren’t you Italian? And now, that is offensive!

Sorry, I went overboard!

Anyhow, this is going to contain a lot of stuff, pretty random, about writing, books, stories and characters in general.
Since I am a bit obsessed with everything that can be placed on a board and sorted somehow, I also like to plan what I am going to read the following month – this looks like a good place to dump the stuff I produce. I’d like to go through this stuff again after I actually read it and give it a quick analysis if possible and so this section will come handy for it too.

I hope you’ll enjoy the madness going on in here and you will not get lost.